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    Train harder, recover faster and perform better with the best quality sourcing on the market today

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    Where will you be when you run out of protein? Our shelf stable, cutting edge formula guarantees you won't have to worry

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Enabling Your Excellence

Premium amino acid products for athletes looking to get to the next level

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Whether you do sprint, olympic or ironman triathlons, Myothon is the perfect way to recover from your demanding training schedule.

  • Hit your stride with lactic acid training
  • Stay at race weight with no sugar or calories
  • Take anywhere your workout leads you
  • Beat the pack on race day with confidence

Myothon for Crossfit

Crush your WODs and set new PRs without feeling like a truck ran you over the next day. Take the sport of fitness to the limits with Myothon

  • Boost your numbers without sacrificing your pullups
  • Paleo compliant: gluten, sugar, GMO and soy free
  • Zero calories for a preworkout your stomach can agree with
  • Find your real limits

Chris Bagg

“During several 25-30 hour training weeks I noticed a subtle but powerful change in my recovery and energy for workouts” more…

Alex Barba

“I’m riding near or above my training personal best on a daily basis.” more…

Celia Dubey

“I have had the best season of my 13 year multisport racing career. And I believe I have to thank Myothon for that.” more…

Colin Cook

“If you are interested in faster recovery and improving your performance on race day, this product is for you” more…

Alysia Lovgren

“I immediately noticed that the soreness that I normally experience after long runs was greatly diminished.” more…

Dr. Jeff Banas

“If you are not using a high quality amino acid supplement during your races, you will never reach your true potential.” more…

Duane Franks

“I like that it’s a rare nutritional product that does what it says it will do.” more…

Heather Dall

“I can 100% back this product to anyone competing in endurance events.” more…

Jacki Hirsty

“I am able to continuously surprise myself…and my training partners!” more…

Robin Sandos

“It really allows me to train harder for longer periods of time and recover faster so I can get back to more hard training without over training.” more…

Erik Garcia

“I am including strength, metcons, skills, intervals and to be honest I am trying to prove them wrong, but simply CANNOT do it.” more…

Joe Bauer

“I was able to PR my 3 rep back squat at 395 pounds. During my time taking Myothon I have also PR’d my clean and jerk (280), and 3 rep snatch (205)” more…

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